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Dean's message

Welcome to Graduate School of East Asian Studies


Academy of East Asian Studies was established on March 1st 2000, with the aim of developing Korean culture and promoting international understanding. It has researched traditional culture and modern issues in East Asia based on Confucian philosophy.

Sungkyunkwan University, whose founding Confucian philosophy is 修己治人(Self-cultivation), has long been concerned about the promotion of East Asian Studies. AEAS was established to attain the school’s long-cherished desire and has become one of the major institutes of East Asian Studies.

AEAS established an integrated system that performs both functions of education and research through interdisciplinary research. From a future-oriented perspective, it is researching East Asian culture which will become a major concern of international society in the 21st century. Moreover, it tries to establish a new academic strategy and create a new paradigm of research model by systematically combining research and education

Also, AEAS is managing Research Cluster which conducts long-term interdisciplinary institutional research to create new research methodology and develop East Asian Studies. Under its research-education integrated system, graduate students participate in this Research Cluster and project research. Other than that, AEAS has affiliated research institutions, graduate and undergraduate curricula, and systems for providing data information. Enhancing the unity of these affiliated systems results in synergy effects.

AEAS has several affiliated institutes studying Confucianism and Philosophy: Daedong Institute of Korean Studies and Institute of Confucian Philosophy & Culture studying humanities focusing on Korean Studies, Sungkyun Institute of China Studies researching Chinese Studies and social sciences, Survey Research Center making sociological data and conducting related research, and Jongyeonggak(East Asian Library) providing data information of East Asian Studies.

We AEAS will continue to create new research methodology and models via long-term interdisciplinary institutional research and to establish an integrated system via close association between research and education. Therefore, it will become one of the leading institutes of East Asian Studies in and outside the country.



Dean   GO, EUNMI